You Own Your Body – Vaccination

You Own Your Body. It’s an eternal Truth and no amount of vaccination propaganda can change this immutable fact.

You are not the property of governments, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, society or anyone else. You are your own property. Tyrants, psychopaths and manipulators will try to convince you otherwise – they are WRONG. Be aware of their lies and protect yourself from these predators at all times.

You Own Your Body and it’s your inherent, natural born right to choose what substances you do or don’t take into your body.

So, with the above in mind the following questions are taken from the video Advice for Anyone Not Wanting to be Stuffed by Dr Vernon Coleman.

Vaccination Questions

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Before allowing a doctor or nurse to vaccinate you here are some essential questions you may want to ask.

  1. How dangerous is the disease for which this vaccine is being given and exactly what are the chances that the disease will kill or cripple?
  1. How effective is this vaccine?
  1. How dangerous is this vaccine and exactly what are the chances that it will kill or cripple?
  1. What side effects are associated with this vaccine?
  1. Which patients should not be given this vaccine?
  1. Will you guarantee that this vaccine will protect me and if not, exactly what protection will it offer and for whom?
  1. Will you guarantee that this vaccine will not harm me, if not exactly how risky is it?
  1. Will you take full responsibility for any ill effects caused by this vaccine?
  1. Is this vaccination essential?

Ask your doctor or nurse to sign a note confirming what they have told you. If they want to vaccinate you ask them to confirm in writing that the vaccine is essential, safe and that you are healthy enough to receive it.

Ask your doctor or nurse to give you written confirmation that they have personally investigated the risk to benefit ratio of any vaccine they are recommending and that, having looked at all the evidence, they believe the vaccine is safe and essential.

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