The New World Order Is A Global Mafia

The evil forces behind the New World Order are nothing new. They have been covertly manipulating humanity for thousands of years. Their methods may change but the intent is the same – to rule over the rest of us like gods on Earth.

The definition of evil is the destruction of freedom.

Jeremy Locke, The End of All Evil

And now they have revealed themselves like never before with the Covid-19 pandemic. Within months, tyranny has taken over the world and police state lockdowns have devastated the lives of Billions. In parallel a mainstream media fear campaign has people terrified of a virus that’s no worse than seasonal flu! You can read more about the fear pandemic here.

This level of chaos takes some serious organisation and planning. The New World Order hierarchy is a pyramid of control with a minority calling the shots from the top. The lower levels are kept in the dark, often unaware of the part they are playing or the bigger picture.

One thought after recent events is the NWO could also be likened to a mafia in the way it operates.

So, who are the players in the NWO mafia family?

The Dons

The Don is the leader of a mafia family and the ruling authority who controls all its members.

The Dons of the New World Order mafia are commonly referred to as the “Elites” or “Illuminati”. However, they are far from illuminated because no enlightened being would seek to control and enslave others as they do.

Many great researchers have exposed them as Dark Occultists. This is reference to their use of occult (hidden) knowledge to gain power over humanity. Hidden knowledge of the natural, immutable, universal principles that govern reality and the consequences of our actions. They keep us in ignorance and use this knowledge against us.

But who are these Dark Occultists? High level Satanists & Secret Society Members, Rothschild, Rockefeller, the Vatican, the British Royal family, Globalists to name a few. There are many sorcerers behind the scenes. Some will dismiss this as a crazy conspiracy theory. When we look at the definition of conspiracy, it’s not so crazy.

“…agreement, union, unanimity,” noun of action from past-participle stem of conspirare “to agree, unite, plot,” literally “to breathe together”

Do you honestly believe that those with power would not plot to expand that power? Even US presidents have alluded to this.

We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence — on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day.

John F. Kennedy, 35th President of United States

The Underbosses

The Underboss is the second in command and their level of authority and power can vary depending on the mafia family.

The New World Order Underbosses hide behind the Global Institutions, Think Tanks, Foundations and NGOs. Entities such as the United Nations, World Health Organization, NATO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Council on Foreign Relations, Tavistock Institute, GAVI to name a few. There are many more.

They form a complex, interconnected web of influence and power that enables the social engineering of humanity. The plans for world domination are hidden behind veils of altruism and Utopian ideals that sound great on the surface. However, when you read between the lines the real intentions become clear. They are the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The World Economic Forum and their Strategic Intelligence Platform is one example. Its multi-layered repository of propaganda centers around Covid-19 and the future post pandemic world.

This must watch video from the Mirror Project explains further.

Staying with the WEF, they also have released a video for The Fourth Industrial Revolution. Paying close attention, their vision of the future doesn’t sound very appealing if you value freedom and self-determination!

The very idea of “human” being some sort of natural concept is really going to change…Up until now the conversation we have been having is around freedom of speech. Once we can access people’s thoughts and access people’s emotion, we have to create a space that enables people to think freely; to think divergent thoughts; to think creative thoughts

World Economic Forum, What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

A future were the nature of a human being will change. One were our thoughts and emotions are accessed, were thinking is controlled in some kind of “safe space”. George Orwell is turning in his grave!


Team Tyranny

Capos are the lieutenants or captains that lead specific activities for the mafia family. The more money the Capo earns for the family, the more successful he is. Capos get to keep a small portion of what they earn, the rest is passed up to the Underboss and ultimately the Don.

Governments are the Capos of the New World Order mafia. Similar to their criminal counterparts, government activities include extortion, theft, subjugation and coercive control. All backed up by the ever-present threat of violence. And if the latest government puppet isn’t towing the NWO mafia line, they can be replaced or “wacked”. The hit can take the form of scandals, rigged elections, assassinations, regime change & war.

Governments do not represent the people and answer to the Underbosses & Dons above them. The Covid-19 pandemic is a great example of this dynamic in action. Governments around the world simultaneously implemented police state lockdowns and social distancing measures. It’s as if they were following orders. And even now the tyranny continues, despite the fact Covid-19 is no more deadly than seasonal flu.

This manufactured pandemic has revealed where government loyalties lie. They do not serve your interests, they never have, they never will.

Government is Slavery!

Mark Passio, What On Earth Is Happening

Made-men & Soldiers

Made-men are the ultimate mafia enforcers who have proved themselves and command respect. Soldiers are the lowest of the mafia members who do all the “dirty work”.

The Police, Military, Intelligence & Secret Services are the Made-men and Soldiers of the NWO mafia family. They follow the orders and initiate the violence required to keep the NWO system of slavery in place.

The New World Order could not exist without these order followers. That’s something to think about if you ever find yourself waving a flag and supporting the Police & Military. Their job ultimately is to protect and serve the state, not you!

The Associates

An Associate isn’t an actual member of the mafia or crime family, but they are involved in the family rackets. They can be anything from a drug dealer to a corrupt businessman or judge.

In terms of the NWO mafia family, Associates can be found in the Mainstream Media, Silicon Valley, Academia, Medical, Pharma & Science Institutions. The BBC, MSNBC, CNN, Google, Facebook, Imperial College London, CDC are just a few examples – the NWO network of Associates is extensive. They help advance the NWO agendas by supporting its narratives and silencing dissenting voices.

Many celebrities are also acting as Associates. Films, television and music are powerful tools for manipulating the world views of the people. Control the celebrity and you can influence millions of admirers and fans through their work.

The documentary film Out of Shadows exposes how Hollywood and the Mainstream Media are being used to influence you. Essential viewing!

Thanks for reading this post, I hope it inspired you to question what’s happening in the world. Until next time!

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  1. Its all good except you conspicuously omit the real force behind it all, its real leadership and ‘ground troops’. The Conspiracy IS – and always has been – a function of Extraterrestrial Hybrid infiltration of our society, to manipulate it to their future Colonization requirements. Does anyone seriously believe that all this Illuminati control could be so tightly maintained over so many people for so long in such secrecy without Alien psychic and psychotronic techniques of “mental suasion” over Humans? Its ridiculous on the face of it. OF COURSE those at the Top (and deep down the hierarchy) are ALIENS. David Icke, Jim Marrs and others called this out decades ago. None of the Conspiracy narrative holds together or makes any sense otherwise.

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