The Fear Pandemic

Fear has taken over humanity, infecting millions of people leaving them terrified, debilitated and at the mercy of others.

It’s an emotion we’ve all experienced. When we feel afraid our heart starts pounding and we get that rush of adrenaline. A moment later we’re in fight or flight mode, ready to face the fear or run for the hills!

Intense fear can cause irrational thinking leading to panic. As a result our reactions are impulsive with no consideration for any negative consequences. This is the fear pandemic that has a grip on our world today.

And living under intense fear can have a devastating impact on health. The stress and anxiety can weaken the immune system resulting in long term chronic illness. It can also cause feelings of paranoia and helplessness leading to a self-destructive, negative world view.

However, one of the most damaging aspects of fear is it can be used to control you.

Fear And Manipulation

The use of fear to manipulate others is a powerful mind control technique.

Fear Of Violence

Throughout history ruthless people have used fear of violence to subjugate and oppress their victims. Often just the threat of violence is enough. Whether it’s direct or wrapped up in legal jargon, the result is the same. You obey or suffer the consequences.

Fear Created By The Media

In the book None Dare Call It Conspiracy the media are described as “Landscape Painters”. This is a reference to how the media use propaganda to influence the worldview of populations.

Fast forward to today and mainstream media has been consolidated into a hand full of mega corporations. Internet, social media and smart phone applications have enabled their news to be available globally, 24/7. The majority of the news reports focus on what’s bad and negative. They subtly promote fearful and divisive worldviews, influencing the thoughts of billions of people.

As a man thinketh in his heart, so shall he be.

James Allen, As a Man Thinketh

Over recent months the world has being subjected to a media fear mongering campaign for the Covid-19 pandemic. For more insights check out my previous post here.

Any opposition to the mainstream narrative is silenced with censorship and bans. Dissenting views are often labelled as “conspiracy theory” or “fake news” in an attempt to discredit them. Being experts in psychological manipulation, the media have convinced people that mainstream sources are the authority on Truth (which ironically couldn’t be further from the Truth).

You see, the Truth doesn’t fear scrutiny, nor does it seek to silence, ban and censor those who challenge it. Only manipulators employ such tactics.

Overcoming The Fear Pandemic

These are a few of the steps I have taken to remove fear and anxiety from my life. If you’re suffering from the fear pandemic these may help you too.

Turn Off The News

Limit your exposure or even better stop watching the news altogether. Soon after, a peacefulness will return to your life. Some may say this is living in ignorance, I would say it’s taking back control of your mind.

Ask Questions

Knowledge is required to overcome fear. So, whether the information is from news presenters, politicians, experts or someone else, start with three simple questions.

  • Why are they telling me this?
  • How am I reacting to this?
  • Who benefits from this?

If you don’t think for yourself, others will do it for you. Likewise, if you blindly believe others without question, they’re already doing your thinking for you.

Realize They Do Not Serve Your Interests

Think about it, do you really believe that career driven news presenters and politicians serve your interests?

These people do not care about you. So, guard your mind from them at all times.

Know The Minds Of Your Manipulators

It’s a certain kind of person who would use fear to control and manipulate others. Learn how to recognize them and protect yourself.

Cover Image by Prawny from Pixabay